Rather than an Entity based tutorials section, the Department of Engineering is taking a "How to" approach to tutorials.  Hopefully this will make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for.  If you have a suggestion for future tutorials, let Snowdog know.


TFC Tutorials

How to set up CTF entities - Snowdog
How to set up Endround Effects - Snowdog
How to Make Detpackable walls - Snowdog
How to Give Teams Different Names - evilchild
How to Control the Player Respawn Rate - evilchild
How to Override Server Settings - evilchild
How to Make a Respawn Room - evilchild
How to Make an Ammo Pack - evilchild
How to set up a camera system - DrBones


Basic Tutorials


Ambient Generic - Snowdog
Basic Compiling - Evilchild
How to Create a Ladder - Blackstein
How to Make a Simple Door - TroZ
How to Make a Rotating Door - TroZ
How to Add Light to Your Level - Dyne
How to Add Textured Lighting - Dyne
How to make a Window - Dyne
How to Use a Clip Brush - Quakeguru


Advanced Tutorials

Pendulums - Core
How to make an APC burst through a wall - JoNaS
How to use the Enemy AI - Quakeguru
Getting a Grunt to use a Turret - Blackstein
How to use the env_render entity - Razor
How to set the Gravity levels - Dyne
How to make respawnable breakable glass - 9InNail


Brushwork / Design Tutorials and Informational Documents

Low r_speed Cliff Walls - Quakeguru
Creating an Irregular Pond - Snowdog


Informational Documents

Map Compiling Theory - Snowdog